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A time to review our Lent so far

We enter the last week of lent today before the start of Holy Week and our celebration of the greatest love story ever told, Christ’s passion and death for our sake and his glorious resurrection from the dead through which he overcame sin and death and opened up for us the way to eternal life.

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The Return of the Exiles

Today’s First Reading and Psalm are about the Babylonian Exile. In 597 BC, the Jews were conquered by the Babylonians and Jerusalem was utterly destroyed. Most of the best and brightest in Jewish society were taken as slaves to Babylon.

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A Question of Trust


Every month we hold two sessions for parents who are presenting their children for baptism. A key thrust of the first session is to look at relationships; their relationships with each other, their relationship with God and how they can help build their child's relationship with God.

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A blue-print for living

Commandments can be unpopular. Some people resent guidelines concerning what they should and shouldn’t do. They like to think of themselves as individuals who are capable of deciding for themselves.

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The Challenge of Lent


We associate the six weeks of Lent as a time of self-discipline, fasting and Alms Giving in order to prepare ourselves for the great Feast of The Resurrection, and in some ways leave the message of The Good News behind, not thinking that the two are intertwined.

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